Dog takes deer under her paw

news@lakewyliepilot.comNovember 5, 2012 

— Sookie loves deer. The 3-year-old boxer-pit-mastiff mix adopted the weeks-old spotted fawn her owner Bill Davis brought home.

“I’d been wanting one for years and years and years,” Davis, 58, of Lake Wylie said of having pet deer. “I’ve hunted them all my life, but wanted one for a pet.”

Davis said his chance came in July when a woman from his Rock Hill church , a licensed animal rescue, said she had too many baby deer to care for. He took five.

While Davis was thinking he was bringing home the month-old deer for his grandchildren, it was his dog who was immediately absorbed by them.

“She thinks she’s the momma,” Davis said, explaining she instantly began licking the deer and taking them under her paw, literally.

“She’d throw a paw on them like a hug, and she keeps other dogs away from them,” he said.

Only Max, a buck, and Sugar Baby, a doe, remain. Though the baby deer have lost their spots, and Max even has nubs where his antlers are growing in, he said, Sookie still acts like their mother.

“Their licking is their bonding,” said Davis’ wife, Debbie.

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