Brad Harvey: Hunting for that perfect gift this year?

December 1, 2012 

Let’s take our annual look at a few of the hottest items out there guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the outdoorsman in your family this Christmas morning.

Heated insoles

Earlier this month while in Kansas, I sat in a tree stand with frigid feet due to the failure of the pair of insulated boots. After just one morning’s hunt, the soles began to fall apart.

I spent the rest of that week wearing a non-insulated pair.

Despite layering properly with a thin sock liner under heavy wool socks, it was less than ideal and my poor toes paid the price. Thermacell, however, offers the perfect solution — heated insoles for your boots.

By turning them on with a wireless remote, the rechargeable insoles can be set for high heat or medium to successfully keep your little tootsies at normal body temperature.

Although not cheap at $129.99, they can be recharged up to 500 times and work for up to five hours on a single charge. I’d have paid twice that price a few weeks ago!

These can be found at all major outdoors retailers and pro-shops.

Armour control

I’m picky about what I wear in the field and in a tree stand, but I couldn’t be happier with my choice in hunting clothing. Under Armour puts out a line of camo clothing that does everything I need and better than anything else I’ve ever tried.

For hunting in our area, take a look at their “Ayton II” fleece camo hunting jacket. At $139.99, this one is both affordable and functional and will still serve a hunter well on cold mornings when worn with proper layering.

For about $160 more you can add the matching hunting bibs for a clothing combination that’s as good as you could ever ask for.

With a wind resistant, hard, fleece face and soft, Sherpa fleece lining, these do a great job of not only trapping your body heat to keep you warm but wicking away moisture when you’re working up a sweat while getting to your stand. This helps to regulate your core temperature thus keeping you more comfortable for many hours in the field.

Under Armour didn’t forget one of the most important parts, either. Their proprietary method of scent control is said to be as much as 10 times more effective than the old-style carbon suits that have been the norm.


Weighing a mere 3.7 pounds while slinging arrows at a blistering 352 feet per second, this offering is the sweetest hunting bow to ever exit PSE’s plant.

Created around a riser forged from a state-of-the-art aluminum alloy, it features the new “Center Pull” technology that makes this bow much easier to tune, an axle-to-axle length of 31 inches and a 6-inch brace height. There are 5 inches of draw length adjustment on the inner cam and newly designed limb pockets, cable slide and backstop.

The DNA retails for $899.99 and can be found at any PSE Pro Shop. Dealer listings can be found at

This is one sweet bow. I’m waiting on my own to arrive now.

Scent elimination

It’s important hunters take every precaution to be as free of human scent as possible. We use special detergents for our clothes, field sprays and even wet wipes pre-soaked in a scent elimination solution.

Here’s a selection of products that come from a fairly new line of scent killer from Lethal.

It all starts with Lethal’s “4X Ultra” laundry detergent, which comes in either a 23-ounce bottle or a box of 24 single use packets. Both sell for $14.50.

The next step is tossing those clothes into the dryer with a “2 ‘n 1” laundry sheets. A two pack box includes 40 sheets and will run you around $15.

Lethal’s shampoo and body wash will take care odors stemming from human fats, salts, lactic acid, butyric acid and amines. It rinses away leaving no residue or fragrance. Highly concentrated, an 8-ounce bottle sells for $11.

After that shower, you have to think about remaining scent free and that’s easier to do with the proper deodorant. A stick of the Lethal “24H” will do the trick. You can grab one of these for around $7.

This company’s “Field Spray” has really impressed me. For $14.50, you can buy a 24-ounce bottleWith Lethal, however, you add the activator into the bottle yourself so there’s no question as to its age. This means that your spray will be just as good at doing its job late in the season as it was on opening day.

Brad Harvey is a freelance writer in Clover. Visit his website at or follow on Twitter- @BHarveyOutdoors.

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