Assault rifles facts

January 29, 2013 

When I recently read news headlines, as I did in your Opinions & Views, I thought how nice it is for the Lake Wylie Pilot to give their readers an opportunity to present their opinions. I cringe however, when I read an opinion that is not true or not written based on current and real facts.

Ban assault rifles. Well first, what are they? If they are the fully-automatic weapons used by our military, very few civilians have these. If they do, they are highly regulated.

The so-called assault weapons most are up in arms about, but clearly don’t understand, are actually civilian “look-a-likes” fitted with the stylish accoutrements of military weapons like folding stocks and flash hiders, but not with the lethal automatic firepower of the real military weapons.

The “look-a-likes” are just that, an ugly look-a-like that is exactly the same as most of the handguns, rifles and shotguns that you now own. They fire one bullet with each single pull of the trigger.

Let’s now look at some facts from our FBI records:

• Of the 12,664 people murdered in 2011, only 323, or less than 3 percent, were killed by rifles of any type.

• From 2006 to 2010, on mass murders, shows most of those killed by a firearm were killed by a handgun.

The Justice Department’s study on the effectiveness of a Federal Ban on Assault Weapons from 1994 to 2003 concluded that the ban didn’t have much impact.

I could go on, but there are two issues here:

• One: Rifles of any type are clearly not the choice of most shooters against humans.

• Two: The lookalike so-called assault rifles are ugly, so they are easy to hate or not like, when someone holds one up and declares we have to ban these.

Well, the facts do not support these statements.

While I am a hunter and gun owner, I have never owned a so-called assault rifle, but I do strongly support the right of all Americans, under our Second Amendment, to own one and to do with it, as the owners of all other rifles do. They hang them on the wall to look at, they target shoot or they hunt with them, all of which are normal and legal to do with these ugly rifles.

JAMES R. WELLS, Lake Wylie

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