Sweet work at Sweet Repeat in Lake Wylie

February 11, 2013 

As founder of Sweet Repeat, I was sad to hear Jane Chislett had resigned from her position of responsibility for the clothing department.

Originally Sweet Repeat was open to replace the huge yard sales of the Lioness Club and did not handle clothing. It was only when CAAC (Clover Caring Center, at the time) decided to stop collecting clothes that Sweet Repeat started to sell clothing in its store.

At that time, Sweet Repeat asked Chislett to coordinate this new project and recruit volunteers to help with the sorting, pricing, hanging, etc. A color-coded system was developed to ensure the proper rotation of the inventory. A pricing system was agreed on for fast inventory turnaround and deals for customers.

It was a smashing success. It did not take long for now deceased Pat Scanlon together with Bob Boekhout to install the hanging racks and shelving in what was then known as the Furniture Room. Before we knew it, that group of ladies contributed to increase Sweet Repeat weekly intake by more than 25 percent.

These wonderful volunteers, under the leadership of Chislett, contributed hundreds of hours at Sweet Repeat. They all took garments home to wash and press. Their attics at home became storage facilities for winter coats donated in the summer and summer clothes donated in the winter. They worked on Sunday afternoons to put the clothing department back in shape after Saturday’s sales. Chislett never asked for help, never complained, just kept doing the job she had been asked to do.

We, at the Lioness Club, were so grateful to them for their contribution.

At the same time, the clothing that did not sell or did not make it to the racks was donated on a weekly basis to the Charlotte Rescue Mission. Children’s clothing was donated to the Florence Crittenton Services, and soiled or torn clothing ended up at the Humane Society of York County.

Sweet Repeat is a great fundraising venue today. New leaders have new ideas and that is called progress. It is too bad it comes at a price. I am sad to see Chislett go. What she and her group have done for Sweet Repeat for seven years will be difficult to match. I am sure I can speak in the name of “old-timers” from Sweet Repeat to extend our deepest gratitude for such an outstanding job. Well done, Jane!


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