‘Exhilarating’ Celtic Crossroads coming to Clover

March 2, 2013 

— Celtic Crossroads, an explosion of youthful energy acclaimed as “the most exhilarating and authentic show to come from Ireland in decades,” rolls into Clover Thursday.

The group will perform at 8 p.m. at the Clover School District Auditorium. Tickets cost $15.

Practicing traditional Irish arts was outlawed in the group’s homeland less than 100 years ago and unlawful gatherings at crossroads were tinged with danger. Nothing was written down, and Irish music was kept secretively in the hearts of its people.

The cast of Celtic Crossroads – all sons and daughters of musicians steeped in the tradition of these handed-down tunes – play with the relish of freedom in tribute to relatives and country.

“The Celtic Crossroads stage production is far more than just musicians playing tunes in the background,” said one of the performers, Michael McClintock, in a recent interview.

“Everyone, from the musicians, dancers, directors and technicians, all have the fire of the show within them, which ignites into a cataclysmic performance every single night,” McClintock said.

“We make audience members laugh, cry and everything in between,” McClintock said. “Each concert is so unique, and we relish the audience interaction when we run on stage.”

Details: 803-222-8018.

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