Skin care pro juices up her business model in York

news@enquirerherald.comApril 23, 2013 

— For more than a decade, Penny Moss has been a believer in the health benefits of drinking juices made from raw fruits and vegetables – spinach, beets, apple, pear, kale, cucumber and others.

The health concept ties in well with her downtown York organic skin care business, so Moss began making juices to share with and sell to her customers. And the idea is starting to take off.

“There’s nothing like this in the nearby vicinity,” said Moss, 41, owner of Penee Organic Skin Care and Rawfood Juice Bar at 35 N. Congress St. “The closest one is in Charlotte.”

Moss makes four different kinds of fresh raw food juices, which are fruit and vegetable juice mixes. She makes juice about every other day, and sells each 8-ounce bottle for $5.

“Everything you put in your body comes out through your skin,” Moss explained. “I’ve wanted to add something to my business, and so I brought my juicer up here one day and I juiced it and gave it to my customers. I said, ‘Do you like this?’ And they said they loved it.”

Her juice mixtures include Brownie, which is carrot, apple, ginger and spinach; Fenodere, which is pear, apple, pineapple, ginger, kale and cucumber; Bucca-boo, which is pear, beet, ginger and pineapple; and Dixie, which is beet, carrot, orange and lemon.

The names are fairy names, she explained, because of her interest in fairies.

Moss said her juice sales were slow at first, but are starting to take off. “I think it takes a little while for people to start talking about it,” she said. “Recently, I had a customer purchase a week’s worth of juice.”

She said the juice lasts up to seven days, but she makes small batches and doesn’t keep it for more than five. She didn’t need a health permit, she said, because there is no cooking involved and she isn’t using any meat or dairy products.

Moss believes juicing is a good way to get nutrients. “You don’t get all the vitamins and minerals out of eating the food because your body can’t digest all of it,” she said. “The juice machine is like a digester.”

Moss – a certified aesthetician, which is a skin care professional – opened her skin care business about a decade ago, starting by renting a small space in a downtown York salon. She soon moved to a quieter, adjacent storefront and later to her current location at 35 N. Congress St.

She offers spa treatments including facials, which include a facial massage, chemical peels, body treatments, hair removal and makeup application, including weddings and proms. She also does makeup for portraits.

She uses organic products and also sells a brand called Eminence.

“It’s healing for the mind, the spirit, the soul,” Moss said. “It’s a place to come to relax, because it’s me and you, nobody else. And I think that’s what my customers like about it.”

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