It’s time to take back America

May 7, 2013 

If anyone out there believes Congress acted to save the travel weary public, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn, N.Y., for sale.

My adult career and field of study was in traffic management. I worked over 30 years with companies like UPS, Federal Express, DHL. I worked with major trucking firms and specialized carriers. I handled domestic and international shipments. I negotiated rates, times of pickup and other issues pertaining to the movement of freight.

The one thing I know is all of these companies worked on time restrictions, especially air carriers. The air carriers guarantee delivery at certain times depending on the type of service you need. Next-day air, second-day or ground. In order to meet these deadlines, their fleets must leave major cities by specific times and meet in various hub centers.

If they do not deliver on time, the customer does not have to pay. I am sure the heads of these companies contacted their lobbyist and told them to get on Congress’ case and get this fixed. So that is why Congress acted so quickly on this issue. Also most corporate jets fly out of either major airports and some regional. I am sure this created major issue for these corporations. Again, Congress acted on the side of big business.

What I especially liked was one politician said, in his argument against the furlough of the FAA workers, that the taxpayers did not pay their salaries. It was funded by the fees on the tickets and did not contribute to the deficit. When people tried to use that same argument for blocking cuts to Social Security, no one would listen.

Funny if you want to help the weary American, then stop the lies and solve the problems.

I also would like to point out that during all this squabbling, Congress repealed the bill passed regarding insider trading within Congress. This was brought to the public’s attention last year during a 60 minutes report on television. It was reported recently Congress, quietly, repealed this bill. So basically, they are saying we as the public will go to jail for insider trading, but not them.

I can only pray that in 2014 all these politicians running for office who are incumbents are removed from office. We need people who are willing to listen, solve problems and make this country great again.

Everyone wants to believe their representative has their best interest in mind, but it is not true. We told them in 2012 we wanted them to work together and solve our problems. Instead they blame everyone but themselves and are hurting more people. It is time the American public did something. The best way to do that is to vote them out in 2014. It is time Americans take back America from big corporations.

I am sad to see the way people are treated today because they want to make sure all people are taken care of, provided for and protected. We give aid to other countries, but call our people lazy and only looking for handouts. These are not the people I admire and want running my country, how about you?

Laura L. Lillie is a Lake Wylie resident.

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