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Don’t vote for politicians like Sanford

May 22, 2013 

Do you wonder why we have the problems in Washington that we do? Here is a good example.

Now I know many people are going to criticize me for these comments about the election of Mark Sanford to Congress. I am sure I will hear how cruel I am for not forgiving him for his indiscretion. Let me say right now, I am not criticizing him for his affair; it is not my place to judge. He broke his vows and that is between him and God. I am talking about his character.

Here is a man who left his post as governor of the state of South Carolina. He had the responsibility of taking care of the people of this state. He sneaked away without leaving any information as to where he was. If there had been a tragedy, how many people’s lives would have been affected by the lack of leadership and responsibility? He only thought of what he wanted; even his family did not know where he was. What if his children needed him?

He put his wife through a humiliating experience with no regard to what something like this would do to her or the children he claims means so much. He only wanted to protect himself by saying he was going to work on repairing his relationship with his wife. But in truth, he continued his affair. Again his main concern has been what he wanted. He does not care about what he has done and continues to do to his family.

He cheated the people of South Carolina by using taxpayer money to fund the trip. He agreed to repay only when it came to light what he did. Why did he not use his own money to pay for the trip in the first place?

He continues to cause stress to his ex-wife and family so much so, she is trying to get legal relief. He violates the agreements made during the divorce, so even that means nothing to him.

He consistently puts his beliefs before anyone, including the law. Do you honestly believe this man will take care of the people of South Carolina once he is in Congress?

His type continue to get re-elected because they know what the voters want to hear, and voters continue to believe them. What they did in the past is what we can expect in the future.

I will vote for the person who has character. I can forgive someone making a mistake, but not when they continue to make the same one over and over. How many times does Sanford or any other politician have to prove to the voters they only care about what they want and use their power to better their lives?

Stop voting for these people because they talk a good game and look at what they have done in the past to help Americans. Only then can we expect our problems to be solved. If we keep voting them out of office, maybe then they will understand they work for the people, not big corporations or special interests.

Here’s a question: Why do so many politicians become millionaires after they get into office?

Laura L. Lillie is a Lake Wylie resident.

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