View does little to help voters find real answers

May 28, 2013 

The quality of candidates seeking and being elected to office has markedly deteriorated over time, and I believe this issue is important to voters making choices at all levels of government.

Ms. [Laura L.] Lillie missed the mark in her [Take a View letter published May 21 in the Lake Wylie Pilot] by failing to mention the shortcomings of Mr. [Mark] Sanford’s opponent.

The other candidate is possessed of such searing intellect and inspirational vision for the good of her district that the candidate was forced to use the name of a sibling, a popular entertainer, to compete for the voters’ attention.

Further, that candidate spent time in jail for contempt of court; certainly grist for Lillie’s letter.

Lillie’s letter never mentioned any of the items of the platform of either candidate, only the legal and moral failings of one.

Opinions like this, tinged with sisterly solidarity and ideology, do little to help voters make the right choice (or choose between the lesser of two evils) in elections at any level.


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