What would you do?

July 22, 2013 

What would you do?

It was with great interest I read Mr. Sheldon Richman’s letter about the immigration bill in the July 16 issue of the Lake Wylie Pilot.

Let me start by saying one could accurately describe me as an old-fashioned conservative. I am a retired airline executive and did considerable time serving in the Marine Corps. If that description underlines for you what my observations on Richman’s letter might be, I think you will be surprised.

I have come to believe a man should be free to chart his own journey while on this planet. That is, as long as he does not interfere with another man’s journey. I also believe one should place himself in the shoes of those he wants to criticize.

If I could walk across an imaginary line, constructed by some government and make a better life for my family, would I? Would you? So we call these illegals dastardly souls who have ignored the law. Sit back and ask yourself what you would do for those you love. Would you move to a better place for them?

Have you ever gone down into the ditch and worked with these “dastardly illegals?” If it is not “below your station,” you should try it. I think you’d find yourself using the word respect in your description of what it was like.

We argue about the absurdity of the work done by our politicians. I can’t argue with that. Yet there are many who actually believe we could deport or ostracize these people who have become part of our nation. I heard a shocking projection that in a few decades the U.S. could be “brown.” I might remind us that in its birth all of America was “brown.”

We managed, via carefully planned battles, to eliminate this aboriginal society that survives today only in small pockets. Before we pick up the stones to throw at these people, ask yourself, what would you do?



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