All lake users paying price for poor service

July 29, 2013 

Lake Wylie users and Tega Cay residents suffer from the multiple sewages spills into Lake Wylie from Utilities Inc./Tega Cay Water Service’s wastewater operations in Tega Cay.

These spills through the years (including over 250,000 gallons this year) have caused health and safety concerns we are powerless to address.

We also are concerned about the next rate increase that inevitably will result from the UI/TCWS work under way. Why should we have to pay for expenses the utility is incurring NOW because UI/TCWS PREVIOUSLY neglected critical maintenance and investment?

The best solution is for TCWS to shut down and remove its wastewater treatment plants (at its own expense – not charging us for it). UI/TCWS should connect the sewage lines to the Tega Cay Utility Department such that the wastewater would be treated in the Rock Hill Treatment Plant. Closing these treatment plants would have eliminated over 90 percent of the sewage spilled in 2011, 2012 and 2013 in Tega Cay – of the approximately 266,000 gallons spilled in those three years, roughly 253,000 gallons spilled from the treatment plans that should be closed and removed. (Overflow data source: Richard J. Durham, UI/TCWS Regional Vice President of Operations, Docket 2013-168-WS, Exhibit RJD-1, SSO Log, 06/18/13.)

Besides drastically reducing Tega Cay sewage spills, this would eliminate significant UI/TCWS wastewater plant maintenance expenses and Tega Cay residents would pay our wastewater rates to TCUD. We have confirmed the Rock Hill plant could manage our sewage, and they and others support a unified system because a larger plant is more efficient, easier to regulate, and held to a higher standard than smaller plants.

Last, we are a small city and do not need three poorly maintained and extremely costly wastewater treatment plants operated by an unreliable service provider.

Concerned citizens should email their support for a unified system for sewage in York County to regulators and politicians.

LINDA STEVENSON, Tega Cay Water Citizen Advisory Council

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