New Fort Mill ‘Attic’ makes it easier for families to foster

jmarks@fortmilltimes.comAugust 13, 2013 

— Foster Attic seemed like too good an idea for Mitch Clark not to help. Same for Chase Knowles and local churches.

“We are two foster parents who concocted this idea,” said Loyd Ramsey, who recently began Foster Attic with wife Sandra. “The good Lord gave it to us, and we’re putting it into action.”

The Ramseys began fostering children in Florida about seven years ago. About a year ago, they moved to Fort Mill. They’re fostering twins now. What they’ve seen with multiple placements, Sandra said, is the same story.

“When they come in, they come in with nothing,” she said.

Loyd said it’s traumatic for children to be ripped from their home and have nothing of their own, nothing familiar, in a new environment. Foster Attic is a “network of people who are concerned,” designed “to help soften the blow a little bit.” The community donates clothes, furniture – whatever a foster child might like or need – and Foster Attic allows parents in the system to come by and take items home.

“We’re here to let them know they can give clothes, give shoes, give books, give toothpaste,” Sandra said. “Something that these kids can have and feel like, this is mine.”

The “here” is A Lock-It self storage Clark owns in Fort Mill. When he heard what the Ramseys were doing, he volunteered a unit.

“God’s blessed us with a great business there,” he said. “This is just a way I can give back.”

Clark wasn’t the only one. A conversation between the Ramseys and a Home Depot employee in Rock Hill made its way to Knowles, who’s been store manager for about three months. On Aug. 1, a team of 10 employees installed shelving to get the unit ready.

“We enjoy being part of the local community any way we can,” Knowles said.

Working through the York County Foster Parents Association, items will be available for free to area foster parents. Release the Oppressed Ministries, also in Fort Mill, is helping launch Foster Attic.

For more information, call 803-548-5077.

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