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GOP squashing American dream

August 26, 2013 

I can’t understand why the people of North Carolina and all the other Republican-controlled states are allowing this assault on the American people. I thought the elections of 2012 showed the Republicans what America wants. Instead of working to solve the problems, they want to make sure no one has any life but the wealthy few.

All over this country they are taking away all of our rights to a fair wage, decent living conditions and worse yet, our right to vote. How dare they pass laws saying only certain people can vote. That is against our constitution.

Now the Republic National Convention is even trying to [control] the television station on what they can show. Remember the right of freedom of speech, the First Amendment?

They tell us they are giving us tax breaks, but then take away tax free weekends for parents with children going back to school. Raise the state sales tax and start charging fees on things we never had to pay fees on before. Do not kid your self, a fee by any other name is a tax.

They gave big corporations tax breaks also, but did not close any of their loopholes. They still get their tax breaks for their yachts, planes and fancy sales meetings. They tell us they are going to make jobs, but do not follow up on this. In fact ,several companies have actually laid off workers. The state does not follow up on these corporations. They leave up to the corporations to do. That is like letting the fox guard the hen house.

Teachers, firemen and police are being laid off or not getting raises. Those who still have jobs have to pay more into their pension and health insurance. Now they have taken away their tenure, which is the same as seniority. So if they have to lay off teachers, they can get rid of the ones with the higher pay.

How would you feel the next time you find yourself in need and instead of three minutes for a response from the fire or police department it took 20 minutes? That is what is going to happen, because there will be less people on the job. These cuts are so the Republicans can give large tax breaks to corporations that will not pay a living wage or other decent benefits to their workers.

Our daughter is a teacher. She has paid for student supplies out of her own pocket for years. She even pays for their lunch at times. She works in a middle class neighborhood, but not a wealthy one. She loves teaching, but said she might not be able to continue because she needs more to live on. She is having difficulty making ends meet. She has two boys in college and wants them to have the American dream.

The corporations are making more money, but salaries are declining, except for the CEOs. Gov. Pat McCrory just gave two of his staff a $23,000 raise. These two employees are 24 years old. What qualifications could they have that gives them a salary over $85,000 a year. I know people who worked in companies for 25 years and they do make that kind of money. I worked all my life, since I was 14, educated myself and moved up the corporate ladder. I did not make that kind of money.

They have made it difficult for women to obtain abortions. They claim it is to protect innocent lives, yet they refuse to do anything about gun control. I guess shooting a child is OK, but not aborting one. The NRA now want to arm teachers.

The Republican party says they want to return America to its glory. Please, tell me how low wages, uneducated people and worse yet, voter suppression is glorious. People are losing their homes or cannot afford to buy one, jobs are paying less.

Health care costs are sky rocketing and the Republicans want to hold the budget hostage until they vote to de-fund the Affordable Care Act. This act gives people the right to medical care and save money in Medicare by promoting competition with the drug companies. Why are they so against it? Paul Rand said in a speech, “Social Security, Medicare and the Obamacare are entitlements and should be abolished.” He is going to run for president in 2016, so he can return America to its glory.

When did the Republican Party start believing the government is only for the very rich. The say they want less government interference but pass laws taking away our rights. This is not the America my parents lived in and raised me in. This is not the America I want for my grandchildren. I want them to know they, too, can realize their dreams, and live with dignity, not oppression and despair.

The vote in 2014 is important. We need to show them, we do not want what they are selling and if they do not do their jobs, then they do not keep their jobs. I believe there is not one politician in government today who deserves his or her job, not the one I voted for nor the one you did.

Laura L. Lillie is a Lake Wylie resident.

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