Lake Wylie author hopes to heal herself, others

jmarks@lakewyliepilot.comSeptember 6, 2013 

— Joan Rathe hasn’t had an easy decade. But what she’s learned through her struggles, she’s sharing in first book, “Sometimes it Rains: Breaking Chains of Bondage.”

“That’s my first and only book,” she said.

The Lake Wylie resident recently finished her memoir. An album of accompanying songs will follow in coming weeks. A book signing will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 7, at First Word, 230 EWT Harris Blvd., Charlotte.

“This is something that is not thought up by me, but is destined,” Rathe said. “God never brings you to something without bringing you through it.”

The book describes how two of Rathe’s three daughters died just more than 10 years ago. She lost touch with the other about a year ago. Rathe writes about the girls she says were ministers to many on tough streets in the North. She writes about how drugs and disease while evangelizing to the homeless caught up to the girls, and what their mother has learned since.

Rathe’s vision beyond books and music is to open a center where anyone, homeless or hurting, can come for treatment and guidance. The book is a means of getting her message out.

“I know that what I’m doing is not just for the Lord, but for them so they wouldn’t die in vain,” Rathe said.

Rathe and husband Thomas moved to Lake Wylie from Massachusetts about two years ago. Her background is in teaching and music, and she’s spoken at several evangelistic events. “Sometimes it Rains” includes challenges she’s faced “from when I didn’t know who God was.” There’s bullying, violence and even dabbling in witchcraft.

“He was there all the time,” Rathe said of the faith she found. “He was taking me through everything.”

The author says she began writing as a way to heal. She’s hopeful others will be inspired to inventory their experiences and come out better for them, too.

“I said I have to heal before I start to heal other people, and I have an awful lot to heal from,” Rathe said.

Rathe’s book is published by Tate Publishing & Enterprises, located in Oklahoma, producing mainly Christian books and music. Her work is available online at and, among other sites.

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