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Solving the American jobs crisis

October 14, 2013 

On any given day, Congress debates cutting entitlement programs versus strengthening them. Programs such as food stamps and supplemental nutrition for women, infants and children are part of the debate. Thousands of Americans also rely on Supplemental Security Insurance to provide assistance.

Many Americans are surviving on unemployment insurance benefits of about $330 a week. However, these are not long-term survival plans.

Over 120 million people rely on some type of government assistance. Another 50 million have relied on government assistance in the last 10 years or will in the next five years.

We did this to ourselves in America. In some cases, we pushed our jobs out and in other cases we simply let them slip through our hands. Mexico, China and India are delighted to have our jobs and our money.

We can solve these problems:

• Congress must ease the tax burden on corporations. We should cut the tax rate from 35 percent to 15 percent for corporations that bring 70 percent of their jobs back home.

Corporations that keep jobs overseas should continue to pay the higher rate. Some of the mega corporations have utilized loopholes to pay much smaller amounts of tax while most corporations pay the high tax.

• Unions must use common sense. The day and time when unions could hold employers hostage by making exorbitant demands have passed. Employers can simply close the doors and move their operations to Mexico.

• Give a $10,000 tax credit over three years to people who cease relying on Supplemental Security Insurance and Social Security disability and get back into the work force. • Allow students to attend the first two years of community college tuition-free if they maintain a GPA of 3.0. Student loans would be cut in half.

• Raise the minimum hourly wage to $9.

To change the face of America, we must make progressive and aggressive changes. At this stage of our economy, we need to change the face of Congress. They’ve had their chance.

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