Man accused of flashing woman at Lake Wylie Walmart receives threats

October 22, 2013 

The man accused of exposing himself to women in Lake Wylie told police he is receiving threats at his home.

Winston Burton, 52, of York was charged last week with indecent exposure. Deputies say in June, he approached a woman in the Lake Wylie Walmart parking lot and told her something may be leaking from her car. As he looked at her brakes, the woman realized he was touching himself inappropriately.

After his release from jail on a $2,000 bond, Burton started receiving threats and harassment, according to two York County Sheriff’s Office reports.

On Friday, Burton told deputies he received a letter in the mail that contained racial slurs and threats. Then, on Sunday Burton said someone kicked his door and left a note “drenched in some type of liquid” on his front porch. The letter called him a “damn flasher” and told him to die.

Burton was charged Oct. 16 with one count of indecent exposure, according to a York County Sheriff's Office news release.

Deputies last week released surveillance videos of the suspect after he allegedly approached another woman at the Food Lion parking lot and told her something was wrong with her brakes. He asked her to move her car, but the woman became suspicious and left, deputies said.

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