Brothers win Catawba Catfish Club stop on Lake Wylie

jmarks@lakewyliepilot.comNovember 14, 2013 

  • Catawba Catfish Club results: Nov. 9

    1. Team Reel Time-Marty and Jeff Green, 88.65 lbs.

    2. Team Cat Tamer-Cary Vanden Broecke and Matt Barrett, 67.15

    3. Team Professional Hookers-Terry and TJ Springs and Kendrick Wright, 61.85

    4. Team Get the Net-Harry and Jamie Dickerson, 61.15

    5. Team Rivercats-Brian and Clyde Mitchell, and Michael DeBus, 56.65

    6. Team P and J-Phil Donato and Jarrett Oaks 55.95

    7. Team Whiskers-Shane Queen,Toby Griffin and Mark Nance, 40.00

    8. Team DMD-Mike and Roger Rape, and David Catoe, 39.20

    9. Team Troller-Mark Follett and Bob Clark, 38.90

    10. Team Fat Cat-George Lindsay and Kip Holseback, 30.45

    11. Team Total Chaos-Chad Catledge and David Love, 29.45

    12. Team Cat Snatch Fever-Phil and Wes Rollings, Scoot Edwards and Mike Thomas, 28.40

    13. Team Sparky-Ron Carden and Rick Sease, 26.15

    14. Team PoleKat-Benji Brown and Tommy Ellis, 25.35

    15. Team Blue Fever-John Terry, 23.70

    16. Team MBS-Scott and Brian Mungo, 22.50

    17. Team Rod Benders-Jeff and Christy Smith, and Randal Whitesides, 20.50

    18. Team Grady-Ric Helms and Strawberry Wooten, 16.85

    19. Team Hubris-Bill Ward and Mason Burton, 13.45

    20. Team Hickory Fisher-Mike Chandley and Dean Birch, 8.15

    Top 20 teams after 3 of 9 events

    1. Team Troller-71

    2. Team Professional Hookers-66

    3. Team Rivercats-65

    4. Team Reel Time-62

    5. Team DMD-60

    6. Team Get the Net-55

    7. Team Whiskers-55

    8. Team Whakum-43

    9. Team MBS-43

    10. Team Reelin Da Blues-40

    11. Team Fat Cat-39

    12. Team Hickory Fisher-37

    13. Team Blue Fever-34

    14. Team Sparky-32

    15. Team Cat Tamer-28

    16. Team PoleKat-28

    17. Total Chaos-26

    18. Team Craig-26

    19. Team P and J-26

    20. Team Got the Blues-26

— Marty and Jeff Green set up the Nov. 9 event, then took down the competition at the first Catawba Catfish Club event of the season on Lake Wylie.

The Greens run club tournaments but also are top flight competitors, holding top five all-time rankings for heaviest fish and heaviest three-fish limit. The club began in 2006 and is now, according to the group, the largest catfish tournament series in the Carolinas. The pair last won a club event two years ago, again on Wylie.

“We had a good day,” Jeff Green said. “A lot of people caught a lot of fish. I think we caught 27. We caught 16 in the first couple of hours.”

Marty Green’s 44.15-pound blue catfish won the pair $220 as the biggest fish pulled during the tournament and helped toward the winning three-fish weight of 88.95 pounds. That total netted the brothers $480. Cary Vanden Broecke and Matt Barrett finished second with 67.15 pounds, good for $240. Third and $144 went to the team of Terry and T.J. Springs, and Kendrick Wright.

In all, there were 48 anglers and two children on 22 competing boats. All but two of the boats weighed in fish. Anglers teased the brothers by asking where the polygraph was, as tournaments randomly test winners. The recent event wasn’t scheduled for it, and tournaments that are aren’t announced ahead of time.

The Greens took the teasing in stride, enjoying both the organizing of tournaments and, from time to time, winning them.

“We enjoy fishing them, too,” Jeff Green said.

Maybe as big as the win for the Greens was the addition of a third sponsor. Boat Sales of Lake Wylie joined existing series sponsors Kangaroo Express and Pepsi at the home lake event.

“Boat Sales of Lake Wylie made their sponsorship debut today in fine fashion, providing the anglers with breakfast, items for drawings including a Marine Deep Cycle Battery, hats and a service certificate, as well as three boats for anglers to check out,” Marty Green said.

The Lake Wylie business recently signed on as a local dealer for boats designed specifically for catfishing.

The win brought the Greens’ team Reel Time into fourth place in the season standings. Ninth-place finishing team Troller, Mark Follett and Bob Clark, hold the top spot on the season with six events remaining. The series includes two upcoming Lake Wylie dates - Jan. 11 and April 12. The season finale will be held May 3 on Lake Wateree.

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