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Health care will determine the president’s legacy

December 6, 2013 

President Obama may do well to look at history and learn from Napoleon.

Napoleon knew the only way to conquer England was by sea. However, he also knew no one was able to pull off such an invasion because of England’s navy dominance in the world.

President Obama knew the way to win the highest office in America was to have a message of Hope and Change. The president achieved probably one of the greatest victories in political history, beating both Hillary Clinton and the Republicans in the same election. Now that is accomplishing what many thought was impossible!

However, the president believed, or was advised to believe, once he achieved the presidency, he was invincible with the super majority in the House and Senate. It also appears once “Obamacare“ passed, the president believed his Napoleonic legacy was established as doing something no other president was able to accomplish in the history of our great nation. President Obama could have actually thought “Obamacare“ would be his Strait of Dover for his administration, and he would be invincible to the Republicans, tea party, etc. once “Obamacare“ was passed and implemented.

However, President Obama may have been a little naïve to believe implementation of “Obamacare“ would not be a “bleeping big deal” like the vice president said at the signing ceremony at the White House.

As it has turns out, the president’s Strait of Dover could turn into the President’s Waterloo, or worse his Titanic. Arrogance is a trait many attributed to the successes of Napoleon, Caesar, and even the building and sailing of the Titanic. Arrogance can be an tremendous asset if harnessed properly and used with noble intentions. However, in Napoleon, Caesar, the Titanic and yes, maybe President Obama’s case, it may prove to be the trait historians attribute to the downfall of his presidency and his legacy. If “Obamacare“ does not work and is not fixed, Obama may be remembered as one of the most disappointing presidents in our lifetimes. It appears the legacy we will remember him by is: The president, who the American people trusted to bring Hope and Change to Washington and learned too late he could not be trusted to do what he promised.”

If Obama can somehow fix “Obamacare“ to do what he promised to the American people it would do, despite its 500 million lines of code or 8,000 pages of the law, the president may once again gain the trust of Americans. However, we know what arrogance did to Napoleon and Caesar when they thought they were invincible and would always be revered by the people, and we know what happened to the Titanic because they thought it was “unsinkable.”

Let us hope and pray the president will wake up one morning and realize, like all of us, he is an American first and should want what is best for America and our children, and that the American people elected him the president of all Americans – not just those Americans he likes.

Joe Capuano is a Steele Creek resident.

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