York County needs to put end to muddy road, waters

December 14, 2013 

I am writing concerning the current condition of River Oaks Road.

There is approximately 2.8 miles of road, or 5.6 miles for both sides, equal to 2.71 acres. A contractor near my home is allowing a massive amount of muddy water to wash upon River Oaks Road and into the waters of Lake Wylie, unprotected by silt screens along this area.

Contractors have continuously allowed this at different home constructions sites along River Oaks Road. It is a simple issue; they are too cheap to place an adequate amount of gravel to allow trucks on and off the property.

As a former Kentucky State Police Trooper, I can say this also is dangerous. If the county continues to permit this and a driver wrecks from sliding on the mud, which several folks I know already have, then their inactivity in dealing with this could create an liability issue for York County.

Mike Kindle does a great job trying to police this issue, but it is time for York County to step up and see that all contractors are required to adequately gravel their construction site in order to prevent this mud and water runoff.

Yes, River Oaks Road was recently paved and the residents deeply appreciate it, but the construction and aftermath of the pure mud/dirt berms needs to be addressed.

York County commissioners need to ensure that all building sites in York County are prevented from allowing mud and muddy water from entering upon a public road or into the waters of Lake Wylie.

Jim Wells is a Lake Wylie resident.

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