Fort Mill Mudders ready to take on any obstacle

news@fortmilltimes.comJanuary 5, 2014 

— For some, the thought of running in mud, jumping into sub-freezing water and going through hanging electrical wires knowing you are going to get shocked may seem like torture.

But for others, it’s just a way to have some extreme fun.

Just ask Rod Imhoff and Dave Paukovitz, both members of the Fort Mill Mudders club.

The club was formed recently for people who like to participate in mud runs and other running events that are part endurance and part obstacle course.

“There are a lot of people that like to do that type of stuff,” Imhoff said. “It’s fun and it’s a challenge.”

With the launch of the Fort Mill Mudders club, Imhoff as club adviser and his fitness associates are offering the opportunity to join others with similar interests. The club is open to experienced mudders as well as those new to the mud/obstacle arena.

“The mud competitions are about challenging yourself regardless of your fitness or experience background,” Imhoff said.

“They are designed to be challenging at multiple levels,” he explained. “Mud challenges are a combination of distance and obstacles that will challenge both runners and strength athletes.”

Some of the events include Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Spartan Sprint, USMC Mud Run, Super Spartan, and the Spartan Beast.

“Sometimes during a race you can’t perform a particular obstacle, you may be penalized by having to perform a prescribed number of ‘Burpees,’ which are full body exercises involving squatting and extending your body,” Imhoff said.

The Fort Mill Mudders club offers competitors the chance to find camaraderie while getting ready to race.

“Training together, we will push each other to achieve individual and club goals by sharing opportunities, locations for training, and tips on obstacles,” Imhoff said.

Paukovitz has mainly competed in running races during the years, but relishes a new type of challenge. He said new members interested in helping develop the club are particularly welcome.

“I look forward to having a club with athletes having similar interests where we can socialize, work out and learn together,” Paukovitz said. “We want the club to have members with various levels of experience and to enable each other’s goals. Of course, we need members to join our club, but we also need help in many areas to get the club organized. We need volunteers to assist with the website, social media, social events and fitness support.”

Imhoff and Paukovitz both said they believe strongly in the CrossFit combination of weight and endurance training, which gives the CrossFitter an edge against other athletes. The Fort Mill Mudders be working closely with trainers from CrossFit, as well as bringing on running coaches.

Imhoff said CrossFitters are the best of both worlds.

“If you are a distance runner, you have that thin, lean look,” Imhoff said. “In order to do a mudder competition, you want that meteoric (quality) because it boils down to endurance and strength.”

Workouts are scheduled each month, as well as social events. Membership is free.

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