Did Fox Sports parody of Panthers fans go too far?

Staff WriterJanuary 12, 2014 

A Fox Sports parody video that aired just before the Panthers’ playoff game on Sunday has some fans crying foul.

The segment comes complete with typical Southern stereotypes, like a mullet and and thick accents. Jerseys for Panthers’ players Cam Newton and Steve Smith are hung on the wall.

One of the ‘guests’ of the segment is wearing a seersucker suit and sports a mullet. The other guest bears a close resemblance to Appalachian State’s mascot, Yosef the mountaineer. Both are drinking a dark liquid out of jelly jars.

Some Panthers’ fans in the Carolinas weren’t amused.

Twitter user Harold Ballard wrote: “Fox Sports owes the viewers in the states of North and South Carolina an apology for the insulting pregame show. All wrong!”

And Phillip Mitchell, whose Twitter handle is @Pantherfan4life7h tweeted: “And you wonder why I don't watch Fox pregame anymore... That “Carolina” skit was horrible. But that’s “humor” in our society.”

A message to Fox’s Charlotte affiliate was not immediately returned late Sunday.

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