Pray for the lake and the creatures that depend on it

January 16, 2014 

We need help protecting our lake

Today, God gave us a stunningly beautiful morning. The lake is glistening with sunshine that bounces into to my kitchen window, making rainbows.

There are geese that don’t leave, the white one I call Aflac. Pecking at the grass, swimming. Herman, the resident heron on my pier has his back to the wind.

What has 500,000 gallons of sewage done to them? The fish they eat? The morsels they find in the grass next to the lift station where just last week sewage swirled into the lake?

The kayakers who didn’t go out Sunday morning in the surprising winter warmth. Sewage. You step into the water to launch. Sewage on your feet. Sewage on your tiny boat. Sewage on your paddles.

What of the boaters out on the lake enjoying the special day. They don’t know about the sewage. They come from a boat ramp in another part of the lake, another community on the lake, they may even come from North Carolina. They can’t see the tiny yellow NO SWIM signs posted in the coves in Tega Cay to warn them. A baggie with an 8-inch note listing how many gallons of sewer water went in, according to Utilities Inc.

How much sewage? Did Utilities Inc. count it all? Can you tell from the ruts in the ground how long the sewage ran into the storm drains from there into the lake.

Whoops. Didn’t know about one big spill, Utilities Inc. was so busy pumping sewage into big trucks to dump who knows where. What happened at Neptune’s Landing this weekend? We have photos. Another 10,000 gallons or maybe just a cup of sewage … according to them.

We now have priests and church pastors praying for us to rid Tega Cay of Utilities Inc.

Can we get someone from the state of South Carolina to help us? The federal government?

This company violates our drinking water. It crushes our dream that this is America and people don’t put sewer into our drinking water!

Lake Wylie – Our lake, our drinking and recreation water.

Save it!

Joyce Clark

Tega Cay

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