If you care about Lake Wylie, send Utilities Inc. a message

January 17, 2014 

Send Utilities Inc. a message

The events regarding the sewage spills into Lake Wylie as well as our private homes and properties are getting to be a daily event.

Television news reports and newspaper articles have documented quite well Tega Cay Water Service’s (Utilities Inc.) failed attempts at identifying the problem and permanently rectifying the situation. The residents have been living with this issue for at least the last decade that I have resided in Tega Cay. Each report of another spill sends a clear message to prospective home buyers that there are better and safer areas to raise their families. The surrounding townships come with lower taxes, Fort Mill schools, lower water bills, no fear of potential health issues and no threat of property devaluation.

The U.S. government along with the state of South Carolina have set up laws and agencies (to enforce these laws) to ensure that individuals and companies alike do not violate statutes within the criminal law, civil law, environmental law, health and education law, marine and aviation law, just to name a few. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) deal specifically with environmental issues like the Clean Water Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act. Both the EPA and SCDHEC have the ability to fine, rescind or reject certifications. In cases where there are violations of criminal law, individuals and company representatives responsible for the criminal acts can be arrested. We have a competent City Council, Mayor and City Manager who are for the first time seriously looking into alternatives to continuing to utilize Tega Cay Water Service, Utilities Inc.

The residents of Tega Cay most certainly feel we are under represented by the S.C. State Senate and to a lesser extent the House of Representatives. Where are our representatives from the U.S. Senate & U.S. Congress? When the governor states her office is looking into the matter I tend to convert the ongoing investigation into months or years. For my family it has already been a decade and much longer for others. How much longer will residents of the city of Tega Cay in the great state of South Carolina have to wait for one or more of our esteemed representatives or regulatory agencies to act on our behalf.

Let’s not give Utilities Inc. another decade to get this right. Please send them a clear and concise message on behalf of all of us who use Lake Wylie for recreation as well as for sustenance.

Martin Camhi

Tega Cay

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