Stop, evaluate, modify mega Clover High School

February 8, 2014 

Stop, evaluate, modify

The Clover School District is about to become a mega-school district. Why did most of us move here? I feel it was for a small-town atmosphere, knowing our neighbors, the ability for our children to be involved in activities and sports of their choice, and most importantly, knowing their classmates and teachers in a personal way, which has proven to lead to better educated students.

All that may change with the school board’s proposed March 22 bond issue that you will vote on. With some changes in the structuring of the middle school as it becomes a ninth-grade academy for all ninth-graders in the district, and the expansion of the high school at the current location, the enrollment at the high school could grow to 3,400 making it a “mega” high school – up from the current 2,000 students – with the dubious title of being one of the largest high schools in South Carolina. Do we really want our friendly small-town school to be changed into a “mega” school?

Congratulations to those who saw the need to build a new elementary school in Lake Wylie. Crowders Creek is at capacity. As I understand it, there is available land and enough funds at hand ($32 million) to build that new school. The plan to build the new aquatic center near Crowders Creek can also be accommodated with those funds and perhaps some additional ones from tax revenue coming from the expanding tax base as additional housing is being built or by selling the property purchased at Allison Creek, which seems to me to be very much out of the way for either Clover or Lake Wylie students.

Clover is a very special town, and most of that special feeling comes from having activities centered around the schools; an atmosphere that says “family.”

I present that Lake Wylie families deserve to have that special feeling here in our area – especially considering that Lake Wylie is the larger of the two communities, has a very bright growth future and an increasing tax base.

Members of the school board, please reconsider the position you took in 2006 when your chairman at that time promised that the next school referendum would include a high school in Lake Wylie.

If nothing else, survey the general public. I feel you will find much support to keep Clover High School a small home-town school and also enthusiasm to build and support a high school in Lake Wylie.

Gloria Hein

Lake Wylie

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