Guns in bars - enough!

February 15, 2014 

Guns in bars - enough!

I just heard something on the news and all I can say is WHAT WAS GOV. HALEY THINKING? They showed her sitting at a desk, smiling and signing a bill that allows guns to be carried in places where alcohol is being served bars, restaurants and so on. I was stunned.

I try to always support the businesses in the city and state I live in. I cannot do that anymore.

I see families with kids in these bars and restaurants. Now think about this, some kids are acting up and there is a person at the bar who has had one too many drinks and he/she decides to say something to the parents. An argument starts and what is going to happen next?

Why do people need a gun to go to a bar. Who is pushing this bill? For that matter who is WRITING these bills? Please if there is anyone out there who can tell me why you need a gun to go into a bar, I would love to hear it.

I have seen bar fights over the size of the foam on a beer, too loud music or not fast enough with drinks. Now we are going to add guns to this situation. How many lives do we have to sacrifice before we say enough?

Laura Lillie

Lake Wylie

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