Know facts about gun law before making judgment

February 23, 2014 

Know facts about gun law

In response to Laura Lillie’s “Guns in bars – enough!” (published Feb. 18 in the Lake Wylie Pilot), I must ask: “Are you being held hostage?”

The first thing you should do before commenting on any subject is have the facts before making judgment. Have you even read Bill 308? I think not.

If you have been privy to seeing bar fights over the size of the foam on a beer, too load music or not fast enough with drinks, I’d say you are spending way too much time in the wrong bar as I’ve never experienced what you have.

Let me highlight some of the main components of Bill 308, courtesy of the USC School of Journalism.

Restaurant and bar owners:

• can request that a person with a concealable weapon leave the premises or remove the weapon from the premises regardless of whether you have a “No concealable weapons allowed” sign posted.

• do not have the right to frisk customers, according to Katie Williams-Montgomery of the South Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association.

• can only be found liable if there is proof the restaurant knew the person had a concealed weapon permit and served them alcohol anyway, according to Williams-Montgomery. If a restaurant has a “No concealable weapons allowed” sign posted, the owner/operator cannot be held liable, she said.

Concealed weapons carriers:

• can carry a concealed weapon into any restaurant in South Carolina without a “No concealable weapons” sign posted at the entrance, but must carry the concealed weapons permit.

• who violate any of the bills restrictions are guilty of a misdemeanor and could be fined up to $2,000 and imprisoned for up to two years.

• may not consume alcohol while carrying a concealed weapon, and could be fined or imprisoned.

Private businesses have the right to refuse service to any person on the property, according to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division. Patrons must comply or face possible further legal action.

Perhaps you should also research the cities and states that have the strictest gun control. They also have the highest crime rate. Go figure.

Gary E. Brant

Lake Wylie

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