Letters: Concealed gun law needs more common sense; Passage of Common Core sad

March 3, 2014 

Concealed gun law needs more common sense

I am writing in response to a letter written by Laura Lillie and published in [Lake Wylie Pilot] Feb. 18 edition. In her letter, Ms. Lillie poses: “Please if there is anyone out there who can tell me why you need a gun to go into a bar, I would love to hear it.”

Ms. Lillie, law abiding citizens need a gun to go into a bar because there are, unfortunately, people who are not law abiding citizens who will carry a gun when and where they please, irrespective of the niceties of the law. YOU need someone law abiding to carry a gun into a bar, because they may be able to save your life, or the life of your family.

The new law allows holders of a concealed weapon permit to carry a gun into a restaurant or bar, but ONLY if they are not consuming alcohol. What gets lost in this argument is the fact that it is illegal to have alcohol in your system and a gun on your person – period – regardless your location at the time. That has always been the case.

A couple of things for Ms. Lillie to ponder: South Carolina concealed weapon permit holders are vetted by the state police, have passed a state approved training course, and are better trained than a great majority of police officers because they practice more. Concealed weapon permit holders, as a segment of society, commit fewer crimes than law enforcement officers. You are three times more likely to be murdered by a policeman than a concealed weapon permit holder. An online search will produce data to shows this is the case.

Apparently, Ms. Lillie trusts criminals more than she does law abiding citizens. I’m sure she’ll be able to find a local business that has the same point of view since the law leaves the choice of allowing weapons up to the business owner. Of course, those who care nothing for the law will continue to do as they always have.

I’d suggest a little less hand-wringing and a little more common sense might be in order.

Bart Hodges

Lake Wylie

Passage of Common Core sad

Sadly, the vote in Columbia on Feb. 26 sent a Common Core compromise bill to the Senate Education Committee, rather than the bill to repeal the initiative.

The compromise requires the standards to be reviewed by 2018. All South Carolina public schools must teach Common Core for the near future. Parents living in Lake Wylie, however, do have alternatives to Common Core. Check out private schools that are continuing to provide non-Common Core curricula like Pine Grove Christian Academy that offers the A BEKA Curriculum (K4-5).

All citizens should know our lawmakers ignored pleas from parents like those who attended the Feb. 24 Common Core Forum in Rock Hill. Parents cited real life frustrations with their children crying about classe and homework they cannot understand, and dealing with teachers, equally frustrated, but afraid to speak out.

Sadly our lawmakers ignored information that sums up the intent of people who are not educators, but have the power and influence to control Common Core.

Common Core is another example of why we must protect the interests of our children, and our freedoms by electing virtuous lawmakers who reflect our value - and not place trust in a world organization (UNESCO), the federal government or special interests with deep pockets.

Kay Bivens

Lake Wylie

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