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Letters: Vote yes for bond and future; vote no to create new plan; a vote yes is a vote for better

March 9, 2014 

Vote yes for bond

We – United Men’s Club of Clover – have witnessed the growth of the Clover School District through the years and are pleased with the way the board has stayed ahead in their planning to meet the needs of this growth. Furthermore, we know that we maintain having outstanding curriculum which follows the growth and meets the needs of all our children.

One most recent was the Excellent Rating released by the South Carolina Department of Education for both performance and academic growth. The Clover School District has received this rating for four straight years.

We can go on and on about achievements and recognitions and the listings, no doubt, will fill this page. But most importantly, we can see that our children are learning. They are being prepared for the modern world, the colleges of today and the work force.

Through this present bond referendum, we can see the tremendous effort to assist in accommodating future growth. Those wise choices that were made previously to resolve over crowded conditions are once again upon us. Again, we want to see the nice, spacious, up-dated facilities continued. Of course, we want the excellent ratings maintained in all schools. And by all means, we want to continue seeing our children walking away prepared to meet the challenges of life; in the work force; and in colleges/universities all over the world. We understand that we must continue to work hard to keep strong, accredited schools, and maintain equity in each of them. This is the effort which we are observing allows “each child, each day...excellence.” We must continue to work toward what is best for the students.

With an outstanding school district as ours, we can anticipate even more growth in the coming years. We feel assured that this is all included in the careful planning of our school officials and board members.

Stellie J. Jackson

president of The United Men’s Club of Clover

New plan needed

Is there a hidden agenda on the March 22 bond referendum for the Clover School District?

Is it just carelessness in language drafting or concealed intent in how the March 22 school bond referendum is worded?

Any voter examining the referendum in the voting booth will see several “feel-good” projects: an aquatics center, a new middle school, a middle school to be modified to house a ninth grade academy, but no mention that $52 million of the $99 million construction budget is to expand the Clover High School from 1,990 students to a capacity of 3,400.

Is the Clover School District board ashamed of where that 50-plus percent of the total construction budget is going? Or are they trying to seduce the voter by saying there will not be a tax increase? (This is because they are adding to the $67 million in the referendum some $32 million of excess funds in their treasury, and the new bond issue is timed to replace an earlier bond issue that matured in March 2013.)

So, a “yes” vote is a vote to make Clover High School one of the largest in South Carolina, exposing its students to proven negative aspects of high schools all across this country that exceed the ideal size of 1,800 or less student population.

Vote “no” and, afterward, let’s look forward to creating a second high school that enables us to reduce Clover High to a manageable and optimum size and gives another high school on the eastern side of the district the same benefits.

Harriet K. Frazier

Lake Wylie

Vote yes for kids

In response to the editorial by Bessie Meeks on Feb. 25 in the Lake Wylie Pilot, we would like to give a little information.

Voting no to the proposed school bond referendum would not mean there would be a second high school built in the Lake Wylie area. First, students in the Lake Wylie area are only about 7 or 8 miles from Clover High School. The Clover School District goes all the way to the Kings Creek area.

If there was to be a second high school it would only make sense to build it somewhere around Barrett Road where the new middle school is being proposed to be built. This area is about midway of the Clover School District and the land in that area is less expensive. However, the projected future growth of York County will be in the western part of the county. It would be in the best interest of the taxpayers to avoid building a new high school at this time regardless of the location.

As for the other school districts and the paths they have taken, history has proven Clover has been a leader in education and it will not be long before they too will be looking at a ninth grade academy. Voting no will have no effect on the building of a new high school at any location. Voting yes would only make things better.

Diane and Mike Marr


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