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Bond is good deal and benefits entire district

March 15, 2014 

What a deal! A new middle school, a new elementary school, an aquatic center and renovations to two existing facilities for $67 million. I know the total package is $99 million, but because of careful planning and good use of resources, our district has been able to accumulate $32 million to use as a down payment for these proposed facilities.

I am aware there are people who would like to see a new high school built, but at the present time, one is not needed. The cost of a new high school would be about $100 million. The way I look at the bond package, we are getting five facilities for the price of one. To me that is a no-brainer. While a new high school would only benefit the Lake Wylie area, the five proposed facilities will benefit the whole district.

It is about the students of Clover School District. Our school board has always put our students first ahead of personal interests, and this referendum is another indication of their commitment to continue doing just that. Vote YES on March 22.

David Campbell is a Lake Wylie resident.

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