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Trust the school board to continue ‘excellence’

March 16, 2014 

Call it inviting, inspiring or engaging. Call it passion for teaching. Clover School District uses the words, “Each Child, Each Day…Excellence” to express its commitment to all its students.

I support the bond referendum for which Clover District is seeking endorsement on March 22, as the most credibly developed available option universally benefiting all concerned in addressing present and foreseeable future educational facility and services growth needs.

Please, think of trustful relationship, the means through our credibility and our attempts to share and transfer knowledge, skill, confidence and wisdom are accepted as personally and, hopefully, universally beneficial.

Now, please think of the many means Clover utilizes to establish and maintain credible trustworthiness in providing facilities, service, personnel and information.

Three decades as a public educator, 10 years volunteering in Clover schools, coupled with serving on three Clover school improvement councils, strengthen my conviction that Clover desires to help its young master academic necessities and positive human relations skills, anticipate/identify change necessitating patterns, cause/improve universally beneficial innovation, and remain more collaborative than competitive in addressing challenges that confront us all.

While I consider unsolicited advice as to how to choose an unwelcome intrusion, much like being told what, if any, religious persuasion to espouse, I believe my experience provides a unique, long-term perspective from which to view the consistency and depth of Clover’s collective effort to substantiate the district mantra, “Each Day, Each Child…Excellence”!

Bottom line: Your March 22 vote remains your choice. Hopefully, it will favor options benefiting all present Clover School District students wherever they reside; and, most importantly, will honor Clover’s extensive efforts to gain and maintain our trust.

Frank Van Leer is a Lake Wylie resident.

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