I thank Clover school leaders and will vote yes Saturday

March 20, 2014 

With all of the recent dialogue about the upcoming vote for the Clover school bond, I would like to thank the administration and board members for the outstanding job they have done.

Although there is disagreement about this bond, until now, I haven't heard anyone complain about the programs and facilities the children and parents of this district enjoy. If it weren't for the foresight of our school board and administrators (both former and current members) many of those opposed to the current bond might not even be residents here.

I have served as a public official, and it can truly be a thankless job. These board members were elected because of their abilities to weigh the facts and make informed decisions, decisions they believe are best for all of the students and taxpayers of this district. They make those decisions and are accused of having hidden agendas.

Although the "no" crowd is, in my opinion, a minority, they are vocal and seem to have agendas of their own. When I see a sign or Internet message saying, "Lake Wylie deserves a high school," I wonder what Lake Wylie did to deserve that school. Does Bethany deserve a high school, too? Those kids drive much farther than the Lake Wylie kids. The fact is students and residents of this entire school district deserve the best facilities and programs we can afford to give them. That is what they have, and they didn't get it through "no" votes.

If you're opposed to this bond, that's your decision and you have the right to vote no. But making silly statements and false accusations against school board members is wrong and a poor example to set.

This Saturday, I will vote yes, hope the bond passes, and thank a school board member for their hard work.

But if it doesn't pass, I will quietly move on. I sincerely hope the opposing crowd can do the same.

Jeff Sanders is a Clover resident.

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