Bond is good package, vote yes Saturday

March 21, 2014 

As a parent, small businessman and past York County councilman, I believe in the bond presented by the Clover School District on Saturday.

The board has presented a package that includes future recreation that is desperately needed and new school facilities to deal with expected population increases. It is a bond for the entire district and not a specific area.

The introduction of the ninth grade academy enables the future freshman classes to adjust to the high school life within an atmosphere that may be less imposing yet offer the academic options of a larger school. By having the ninth grade separate from the main student body, it reduces the high school population to levels much less than those today. It gives us breathing room and acts as a bridge until the student body grows to the levels where we need a new high school. People move to our area because of low residential taxes and good schools. When they visit, they feel the small town atmosphere. Our staff within the Clover School District is a family and our students embrace that atmosphere from Bethany to Oakridge to Clover High. I do not buy into the fact that as we get larger, we will lose our identity. It is not the size of a school or a community that make up the community, it is the people. The plan within the bond saves us several years of operational cost that would be associated with building a new high school. The burden of this would fall on business. The Clover School District has always kept our class sizes in check to assure we are not over crowded. We voted this current board into office because we had faith they would have the best interest of our children at heart.

I have no reason to think otherwise, because I know these folks and our staff personally. They are good people. They are part of our community and they care. Please, vote YES! on Saturday. Tom Smith York County

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