Letter: Editorial cartoons don’t reflect local views

April 25, 2014 

Cartoons don’t reflect local views

I moved to this area almost two years ago to accept a new job. Love the Carolina weather and lake living versus the cold Midwest.

When I arrived to Lake Wylie, I was falsely led to believe the area is mostly conservative in views and opinions. Not so as evidenced by the Lake Wylie political/social cartoons. In almost two years, every cartoon you have run can’t say word one good word about conservatives, least of all those rotten and mean Republicans. And the social views fomented are straight up socialist/communist!

I think I am not alone in my observations. Does the Lake Wylie Pilot have long term contracts with cartoonists who hate America’s conservative views? Yes, these cartoons sure do reflect the views and opinions of residents in the area, or do they?

How about being less about fomenting your own socialistic views via these shrill and juvenile one-sided cartoons and get on with serving the community. Or another option is to forget what I said altogether and hire Lois Lerner, as she hates conservatives, too, and has free time and is looking for a job to hammer conservatives before defending her criminal activities at the IRS.

Richard Marsan

Lake Wylie

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