Letters to the editor: More than cartoons, join city celebration, reduce toxins for healthy earth

May 3, 2014 

More than cartoons

I am happy to see a mid-westerner move here, but it seems he may have moved here for the wrong reasons, cartoons.

The Lake Wylie Pilot offers local headlines and puts a focus on those heart-warming local stories. If your not a fan of the cartoonist, just turn the page, that is your freedom or constitutional right to do so.

The Lake Wylie Pilot offers so much more than cartoons.

If I want to laugh at cartoons, I turn on Fox News.

Frank Mascolo III

Lake Wylie

Join city celebration

As in most cities and towns throughout the U.S., Charlotte area residents will commemorate our country’s Independence Day with parades, backyard barbeques and firework displays.

On the waters of Lake Wylie, the annual Tega Cay Boat Parade has been a mainstay not only for the town but for the surrounding area. Residents and visitors gather on the shore, on decks at Windjammer Park to enjoy the decorated boats as they meander through the coves and waters edge that frame Tega Cay, whose cityhood anniversary coincides with Independence Day (32nd this year).

What makes it special is there are few locations so well suited for such an event and that boaters from throughout the region participate by decorating their crafts in patriotic attire. Adding to the excitement, resident armed force veterans judge the boats and award prizes donated by local businesses.

We’d love to have you join us this year whether as spectator or participant. Registration is free, but required and can be done online by going to www.TegaCaySC.org and clicking on the “4th of July Celebration” and then “Boat Parade” where you will also find more details about the parade, times and prizes. We hope to hear from you soon.

Tom Tremblay

Tega Cay

Reduce toxins for healthy earth

Every day a new child is born and brought into a world polluted with trash and greenhouse gasses. But do we really need another person to assist in the polluting of this Earth?

If you look at it from a pessimistic angle, then no more people are needed to populate the earth.

But, if you look at it from an optimist point of view, then these new children are here to help us clean up the mess we’ve already made.

A good example is in China. They’ve limited the number of children one can have, but pollution is still a major problem through the smog-covered streets of China. Half of their problem isn’t population; it is simply ignorance to what they’re doing to their environment. If people are educated enough to know what they’re doing to help and harm the environment, I think pollution and greenhouse gasses will be cut down and our precious atmosphere will be saved.

The problem with this isn’t only in China, though. It’s in India and many other industrialized and heavily populated areas. If the factories continue to release harmful fuels into the atmosphere, then the ozone layers will degrade, trapping humans inside of buildings, or forcing them to grow adaptations to the harsh conditions. If we reduce the amount of toxins released into the sky, gradually the ozone layer will repair its self and everything will be on the road to recovery.

Victoria Kalau

Oakridge Middle School seventh-grader

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