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The Carolina Raptor Center is a wonderful place

May 10, 2014 

Two weeks ago, I saw this red shouldered hawk sitting on a stump in our backyard. It sat there for a long time, and when it saw me, hopped over to the neighbors’ yard.

I called the neighbor, and they said it had been around about four days on the ground.

I called the Carolina Raptor Center. A volunteer named Judy came out to capture the hawk and take it to the center. Before she arrived, another hawk brought it a chipmunk, so it had been getting food.

We circled around the hawk and with the help of a man working nearby who had heavy gloves on, captured it. Judy wrapped it in a shirt and put it in a box for transport to the raptor center. The raptor center has a website, so you can follow what care the birds are getting and watch their progress.

To see this hawks progress, visit Its number is 17853. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see what they found when it was admitted.

The hawk seems to be doing fine and should be released back in Lake Wylie soon.

The Carolina Raptor Center only takes birds of prey. It is a wonderful place to visit, sort of like a bird zoo with lots of birds. Some of the birds can never leave because of injuries.

Joan Barnes is a Lake Wylie resident.

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