What’s biting this week?

June 13, 2014 

•  Catfish: Good. Drifting with fresh cut shad or strips of white perch in water around 20 feet deep and working toward the back of coves is a good plan. For blue catfish head for the riverine areas of Lake Wylie and fish cut gizzard shad (best section is the head), bream heads, or other cut bait of your choice (mullet, menhaden, etc.).

•  White perch: Very good. Lake Wylie white perch action is strong and the fish are holding over offshore humps in 18 to 24 feet of water. Look for bait in the cleanest water you can find with a hard or sandy bottom and drop minnows down to them on the bottom.

•  Largemouth Bass: Good. Bass are still relatively shallow around main channel banks in 10 feet or less. Carolina rigged worms, lizards and finesse worms are working and on overcast days Pop-Rs are good all day long.

•  Bream: Fair. Bream are scattered but should move onto the beds in about two weeks at the next full moon. Use crickets and worms.

Source: dnr.sc.gov/news/freshwater.html

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