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Lake Wylie man finds life in first book; signing July 13

July 7, 2014 

Ron Rossmann of Lake Wylie is debuting his first book, “The Lost Road to Hope: Don’t survive; live!” to the community this week at his book signing Sunday at Lake Wylie Bowl N’ Bounce.

The book is the launch of an eight-part series about a group of people who find themselves on the other side of a world catastrophe and have to make their way, albeit their own limitations, from past experiences.

“My inspiration for this book came from my mother’s battle with colon cancer,” Rossmann explained. “The book is a take on a done to death idea and expresses my deep admiration for those who face their own mortality on a daily basis.”

Faced with a decision most hope they never have to make, Rossmann’s mother, Rosemarie, chose to forgo chemotherapy treatment to live out her last days with joy and peace.

“When I asked my mom why she would turn down treatment, she simply said she did not want to survive, she wanted to live,” Rossmann said. “It was from this conversation the tagline to my book came to be.”

A four-year project, the story is based not only on Rossmann’s mother’s experience, but also values instilled in him from his immediate and extended family, values like integrity and selflessness.

“After reading and editing it myself, I was actually surprised at how much symbolism to my upbringing was in the book,” Rossmann said. “It kind of took a life of its own and began to write itself. In fact, the ending was not the original ending I had planned. The last two sentences came from my subconscious and changed the whole theme of the book.”

The book signing is from 2 to 8 p.m. Sunday, July 13. The book is available in ebook and print format on

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