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    We need to be humanitarians first

    Pretend for a moment that France offered to give the United States another Statue of Liberty.


    There must be a better way

    When Crescent Communities planned The Sanctuary at Lake Wylie on 1,350 acre on the Steele Creek shoreline years ago, it was conceived as a development that would lay lightly upon the land.


    Take advantage of your freedom to read

    As the Fourth of July nears, it’s a good time to reflect on our freedoms. Even the most basic of being able to read.


    Clover school officials should address attack

    Where were Clover High School teachers? Will students who videoed the attack be held accountable? Why did it take so long to inform parents about the attack? What measures are in place to protect students in the future?


    What people are saying ...

    We asked: “What businesses would you like to see come to Lake Wylie?”


    Coal ash cleanup costly

    While we all can appreciate a good bargain, is the cheapest choice always the best option?


    Herb Kirsh was man of integrity

    In the realm of politics, Kirsh’s personal attention to his constituents, his close ties with his community, his never-ending search for ways to save a buck worked.


    Affordable Care Act face-off

    South Carolina has decided not to expand Medicaid to cover the Affordable Care Act supplements, which would have provided the state hundreds of millions of dollars for three years to provide for low income individuals and families to receive insurance. Here are two views about it from our Lake Wylie...


    Nanny’s Mountain needs solution

    Discussions about a park for Lake Wylie continue, but the time frame seems to put it in the future. We ought to continue the push for a park at Crowders Creek — but how about a short term solution?


    Service groups’ hard work pays off

    The significant amount of money local charities return to our community – and the individuals and businesses who give – deserves kudos. Despite financial difficulties in these past year’s from the economic recession, our community continues to step up to help others and serves...

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